My philosophy: a reflective quest to becoming a better person

In a nutshell

I am deeply passionate about all aspects of building cutting edge technology products and businesses, helping clients and people and being an impactful leader. I am a family man, father of two beautiful children and when I have time love to watch movies, play cricket, hike, cycle and play sudoku.

I have a simple approach to life. I am on a self-reinforcing cycle -- continuing to evolve, adapt, rediscover and improve myself and hopefully become a better person who can positively impact the people around me.

The core

True excellence goes much beyond professional competence. I have found that having a simple but solid foundation of doing the “right” thing, is most important. No success or experience is ever worth compromising relationships or your own integrity. My father taught me a simple goal that has worked well -- never be transactional or compromise your values, if you are able to gain the respect of your colleagues, clients and teams and they want to work with you again, it’s a job well done.

Stretching through new experiences

Life is too short not to try new things. Even if you have discovered your true passion, there are always new things to try. Some of the most meaningful and formative experiences in my life have been things that were big professional changes and pivots -- starting a failed company, changing industries etc. New and diverse experiences gives you perspective.

Continuous improvement

Self improvement along both professional and interpersonal dimensions is very important to me. Embracing your areas of development and putting in the work to improve them is not only liberating and rewarding, but also enables a constructive mindset towards setbacks and feedback.

Self Discovery

Socrates said "The unexamined life is not worth living". Knowing oneself - strengths, weaknesses, needs, inner motivations and goals is critical to professional, emotional and personal growth. It has, and continues to be very important for me to step back and reflect on what is important, my broader goals and passions.

The boring professional stuff

I was formerly a Vice President at Carrick Capital Partners, a tech focused Growth Equity fund with 14 portfolio companies and .5B USD under management. I was responsible for managing the end-to-end sourcing process - doing thematic and customer research, building relationships with company CEOs, creating investment cases and running diligence for target investments. I lead investments for AI, Fintech/Payments and Infrastructure software.

Prior to Carrick, I was a Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group, where I advised clients across topics in strategy, technology, GTM and org, and focused mostly on the Tech/Media/Telecom verticals.

Before BCG I have eight years of software development experience in two successful startups. I have a patent in cloud computing and am intimately familiar with all aspects of product design, software development, operations and support. I was the engineering lead at Desktone, acquired by VMWare in 2013, where I helped build industry’s first multi-tenant Desktop as a Service platform. Prior to Desktone, I was a senior systems engineer at AppIQ, acquired by HP in 2005.

I have an MBA, with a major in Finance and Entrepreneurship Management, from the Wharton School, where I was awarded the Robert Rosner Fellowship and the Robert Schewich award for securities analysis. I have a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi University.